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Marc Labat

Frozen infusion of Hibiscus petals

This season, you can't miss them: these scarves' feather & ethnic prints will give a definitely Gipsy look to your clothes coming Spring. To be worn with loose shirts to create a bohemian look.

Size: 180 x 100 cm

Valeur du produit: 19.50 €



Crème éclaircissante visage aux 7 plantes des alpes - JAMAL PARIS

O'Dibis is a refreshing, alcohol-less drink made from hibiscus flower. It guarantess a perfect balance between the roundness and acid taste of hibiscus.

Water, hibiscus and sugar: 100% natural made from the best Hibiscus Sabdariffa directly sourced from Burkina Faso.

Rich in vitamins A and C makes it a perfect stimulant all day long. This infusion calms irritations and sore throats, and also tummy aches. Regular consumption can also help reduce blood pressure.

Through improved transit, hibiscus is also an efficient diuretic.

O'Dibis feeds the body to heal the mind!


Enjoy the properties of hibiscus!

250 ml

Value : 3 €*

*free freight when ordered through www.odibis.fr :

  • 6 bottles 18 €
  • 12 bottles 36 €

Papaya face peeling

This natural pelling's efficiency stems from its ingredients. It digs out impurities and tightens the skin through the combined action of walnut powder and kaolin. On first use, the skin gets finer. Prolonged use leads to clear, bright and soft skin.

Papaya, honey and neem stimulates skin regeneration and strengthening.

Walnut powder ensures an efficient and precise peeling.

Kaoloin absorbs dead skin cells and impurities, tighten pores and de-toxifies the skin.

Apply peeling on the whole, moist face. Massage softly for 2 minutes, then leave alone for 5 minutes. Rinse abundantly with clear water.

100 ml

Product value : 21 €


Cadeaux Folies

Seed bombs

How-to use on the booklet.

Comrades, we're going to war! Against grey, monotony, and dead cities' concrete. There, deep in enemy territory, we bring our seeds; there, we fight for a better, greener world.

A world where the garder is on top.

With our seed bombs, we turn dark boroughs, dusty plants and fallows into flourising oases.

We are guerilleros for coloured diversity, bright green and the planting of herbs and veggies.

3 differents mixes:

  • Italian garden: mix of various mediterranean herbs and greens like tomatoes, pepper, basilic and oregano.
  • Wild countryside: coloured mix of 25 different herbs, wild flowers and cereals.
  • Meadow Butterfly: 25 kinds of flowers that attract butterflies for their enjoyment.

10 seed bombs

Product value : 8,99€



Et si on choisissait d''être heureux - le pouvoir de la bonté (in French)

How about being happy

Cultivate small nothings, the simple joys of life... Reenchant life... Joy is available to all, even in adversity. Benefits are instantaneous on our health, our mentality, our relationships and our creativity.

Dominique Chapot demonstrates the effect of joy on self-accomplishment; she uses it as a tool for self-improvement and also on our environment. She has practical proposals that are perfectly integrated in our daily life.

Slow down, widen our orizon, live differently are needed changes. With and thanks to this book, grow joy, become actor of our life and improve the world!

Power of goodness

Goodness is the fundamental value behind the philosophy and political action of the dalaï lama. An universal value that transcends cultural peculiarities.

286 pages

Product value : 3,50 €


Lucky Team

Lucky Team armband

Of brazilian inspiration, the Lucky Team satin armband is tied around the cuff and can be worn depending on the mood, the love, or the humour of the day...

Lucky Team is created in March 2007, success is immediate around its satin armband bearing various messages and rich colours .

Lucky Team works with shops all around the world, mixing know-how and originality.

Product value: 3 €


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