L 'esprit parisien à portée de main !

Who are we ?

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Tell me the story of Quejadore box

QuejadoreThat is walking through streets of the capital looking for tips for our webzine Quejadore Paris, that our editorial team discovered a hotbed of creative energies flowing. Sometimes unknown brands, or hidden, innovative and surprising concepts, or favorites, simply. With two years of existence as a Trend Tracker Parisian magazine, Quejadore born over the Seine. Today 120000 pages are visited on our website each month. We also have a loyal readership that is expressed through 10 000 followers on Facebook and 2,500 on Twitter. Idea of Quejadore Paris was to propose through a feminine and sparkling angle a current vision of Paris through four themes: Culture, Food, Nightlife, Style. All this in a vision assumed and away from caricatures of today's woman. A woman who wants both going at concert in a trendy room, staying on top of fashion, and discovering fashionable restaurants. A way to practice the Capital on all fronts with curiosity!

And for children also...

Quejadore KidsIt is in this same spirit that Quejadore Kids born in early 2015, to satisfy both young And adults. Quejadore Kids will come to the rescue of all parents as a real daily superman !

Whether a cultural activity, an output, a trip, a culinary workshop or activity this webzine is full of resources for your children !

And the Box...

Armed with these discoveries, we wanted to share our findings with our readers concretely, through the creation of the Box Quejadore.

Designed by our talented illustrator Allaxel, the Quejadore Box is an aesthetic object itself.

Inside, six themes are declined for sticking with the Parisian spirit and disseminate through France and soon the world :

  • Bio, to take care of you and the planet.
  • Cosmetic, to pamper your body.
  • Accessory to be the most beautiful to go dancing.
  • Gadget, to brighten your day.
  • Cultural Asset, to becultivated.
  • Surprise, because it's always fun!